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June 5th, 2009

Austin Browncoat Tweets:

  • 12:07 POTD: tinyurl.com/r4uo3k. OK all you 501st TK's out there. How many pushups can you do in uniform? With or without helmet is OK. #
  • 17:04 @allderon Come to out CSTS event! We're watching Dr. Horrible and Serenity on the big screen. :) June 28th, 12PM, 5PM or 10PM. #
  • 17:08 We still need a graphic artist who is willing to help us make some awesome letterhead. Need some volunteer hours? www.austinbrowncoats.com #
  • 19:27 @jaimecrowe We always need help. What can you do? :) #
  • 11:34 @jaimecrowe If you come to one of our CSTS events (or any event really), we'd love to use your photography skills. :) #
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