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Thank you for an amazing year!

Thank you for an amazing year!

Are you ready for what 2009 has in store for us?

January 17, 2009

What an amazing year 2008 was for Austin Browncoats. Our first full year as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization saw many exciting changes for the better! We invited new Browncoats onto the Board of Directors and watched our charity grow to new heights with the help of an amazing team of volunteers.

In 2008, one of our goals was to grow our name and reputation, by attending more fan driven events. To this end, we decided that conventions would be the best way to get to know the community more, as well as show them what we’re all about. All-Con 2008 was our preliminary foray into being dealers at a convention. To say it went well is an understatement. It was better than expected and showed us that not only is their a huge market for Browncoat-y awesomeness, but that fans, in general, have an amazing sense of generosity. Our raffles were a huge hit at our attended conventions and started causing traffic jams in the dealer’s room! Folks would travel long distance just to hang out at our booth and talk about Firefly, Serenity and all things Joss. As our support grew, so did our inventory of Browncoat goodies.

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We had a successful run of event planning, as well. 2008’s Can’t Stop The Serenity was a blast! We raised just under $11,000.00 for Equality Now. Cedric of The Bedlam Bards entertained us, the Alamo Drafthouse served Kaylee’s Strawberry Shortcake and our costume contests saw so many amazing entrants. We also had the honor of running 2008’s Browncoat Ball. With over 100 attendees and three days of fun, food and shininess, our Browncoat Ball was a huge success. We were able to eat delicious verse-y food, learn tricks of the Firefly trade and dance with merriment to the music of The Bedlam Bards and Brobdingnagian Bards. The Ball was a night to remember for all Browncoats in attendance.

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We were also lucky to begin a friendship with The Kids Need To Read Foundation (KNTR), a non-profit organization doing great works! They purchase books for libraries, schools and other institutions in need by raising funds through auctions, merchandise sales and collecting donations. KNTR Foundation was the benefactor of our Jayne Hat Knit-A-Thon during Dragon*Con – an event that Browncoats will remember for a long time. We look forward to many more fundraisers in support of KNTR!

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2009 shows us that the future holds great things in store for Austin Browncoats. We just opened our online store, Whedon Wares: The Browncoat Store. We’ve developed an entire line of Firefly-inspired tea blends, Sereniteas, and we’re expanding on our Ma Cobb creations, to include our Jayne hat, as well as other handmade goods, like greeting cards.

We are excited to announce that we’re opening up non-voting membership, as well. Want to be a member of Austin Browncoats? Keep your eye on our website for more information.

We hope we can count on your continued support in 2009. We are so excited to be a part of this ‘verse and fandom and look forward to meeting more of you in the future.

Thank you and keep shiny,

Austin Browncoats

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