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Raffle for Sonny Rhodes

Sonny Rhodes, the man who sang the Firefly theme song, is in need of our assistance. Today on Whedonesque, Brian (from Done the Impossible) let Whedon fans know that Sonny Rhodes could use our help. He is a very proud man, but circumstances related to medical conditions are preventing him from working, and he's trying to keep a roof over his head.

Sonny hasn't performed since October 2008, except for once or twice against his doctor's wishes when he had to keep the power from being shut off and pay rent, and doing that made his condition worse. He just had an emergency hernia operation and needs to have two hip operations as soon as possible.

If you can help in anyway please visit Sonny's Myspace page and make a secure Paypal donation. If you can't help out financially, please help spread the news.

Austin Browncoats will do whatever we can to help out this amazing musician, Browncoat and friend. Our next raffle will go to support Sonny Rhodes. Visit us at Dallas Comic Con on January 24th and 25th in Richardson, Texas. Get the chance to win awesome Browncoat goodies, and help out a Browncoat in need! Want to help out, but you're not going to be in Richardson? Go to and purchase some raffle tickets. All tickets purchased from our website from now until January 25th will go towards helping out Sonny.

Thank you to all of the Browncoats rallying for this cause. We are more than just a fandom. We're family.

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